Performance    Elegance    Silence

Three key words guiding everything we do at Electric Marine, supporting our vision of constantly pushing the boundaries of performance, design and use of sustainable energy, elegance and safety in yachting.  A vision built on our conviction that only the exceptional is truly worth pursuing.  At this point we are preparing for the introduction of the Electric Elegance 38, a 100% electric yacht to be unveiled by November 2020.  The EE38 is the result of a collaboration between renowned French designer Jean-Jacques Coste and Electric Marine.  The design work for the EE28, a 8.5 meter version of the lead yacht, along with the Electric Cat40, a fully electric power catamaran, are targeted to be completed by the end of the summer.  

Our Scandinavia inspired, No Need No See, minimalist approach to yacht design, which is a major part of our vision, along with the advanced and for Electric Marine custom designed and built electrical systems are bound to create waves.

Jan Tholstrup - CEO


The elegant, timeless yacht designs of Electric Marine, equipped with our bespoke electrical propulsion systems represents the leading edge in meeting a growing demand for effective, pure energy yachting solutions globally. 

Exceptional as tenders on a larger yacht and as a game changing, pure energy propulsion, efficient, elegant and comfortable day cruiser, the Electric Elegance 28 & 38 yachts will be available for delivery Spring 2021.

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